Dream Paradise

Oil Painting by Thenu
Here it is..my 2nd Oil Painting in a much better resolution. Click to enlarge further.

Single Line Drawing

Line begins at point 1 in bottom left and ends at 2 in bottom right all the while managing to not overlap or intersect.

Cottage in another angle

... when it was half completed..

Paradise Found - Oil Painting

Finally! Here it is..my 2nd oil painting which I love to call "Paradise Found" after nearly 36 hours of labor over a period of 4 months..
This time I captured the progress of the painting time to time and put together a slideshow in my diary to take me down the memory lane: The Making of "Paradise Found". Hope you enjoy the show too.

Nice wallpaper for desktops, huh?!

Paradise Found - Partially done

Well..Actually I should call it, "Paradise Being Found" as it is a work in progress yet - my 2nd oil painting - my current screensaver.

My First Oil Painting

Oil Painting by Thenu

It took me a total of around 14 hrs. Click to enlarge.
What am I upto now? Ofcourse my next painting: "Paradise Found" updated here.

A little beyond..

One of my artwork that I animated.
I used Windows Paint to draw.